EXIT – On This Side or the Other

ST. MADNESS - LAST RITES: The Final Blessing

Midnight Fracture - The Silence

The Uneven - "Don't Blame Me"

Chris Maragoth - On the Brink of

Bullethead - "Skin and Bone EP"

Overman - "It Is All Overman"

TakaLaiton - Mindfection

Zubzero - Frostbite

PatriarcH - "Demonic Heart"

Furiapolis - "HopeOrHate"

Karpathian Relict - "Never Be After"

Silent Revenants - The Withering Of The Blue Flower

Sense Of Noise - War Within Feat. Stu Block

Annabelle - Stuck

Dark Angel

Rich Kid Express

Lost to the Void - "Embrace in Disgust"

BORN AGAIN - Live Hard Die Free

Skull Servant - "Pray for Blood"

Falling Giants - "Whirlwind Hymns"


Gravehuffer - "Inferno"

Mastic Scum - Create And Destroy

Rockin' Engine - "Carnival of Evil"

Crazy Mad Ride - Scorpio

Crush the Core - Church of Demise

Raspy Junker - Snake Eyes

Sylvie Filloux and Matt Matteo - "J'aimerais voir le monde"

Sintage - Midnight Evil

KILVEREZ - Asteroid

The Sign of Ampersand - ReMinder