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Today I'm going to talk to you about a relatively new group. Created in 2018, the band in question is called "Coyote Bad Trip".

In 2019, the band starts to compose their first album, "Ascensão E Queda", available since February 23rd, 2020 on all digital platforms.

This group of 4 young Brazilians, from the city of São Paulo, takes us into Thrash Metal with strength and power throughout the 10 tracks ("Fim dos Tempos" is a little acoustic guitar solo).

Tracklist :

01. Marcha do Mendigo (01:44)
02. Noia de Goro (02:46)
03. Psicopraga (04:20)
04. 20 Conto to hell (03:38)
05. Velha Macumbeira (04:18)
06. Desespero, Cocaina e Overdose (02:01)
07. Olha or Camburao (00:59)
08. Pedrada (02:27)
09. Rinha de Mendigo (03:27)
10. Fim dos Tempos (00:52)
11. Treinamento de Lixeiro (02:41)

Stay tuned.

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