Dernier Article


Crusade of Bards

Cutterred Flesh - Sharing Is Caring

Fabulae Dramatis

Mineral Reflectance - "Des chemins de vie"

Fallen Lillies


Yur Mum - Tropical Fuzz

Nothing But Real - Snakes Eyes

Rest In Furia - Silent Beholders

Fallcie - The Pulse Of Fallcie

Alchemia - Inception

Santo Rostro - Annual

Ravenous - Hubris

DeafBrood - Hell Reel

Infrared - From the Black Swamp

Nova Spei


BLOODY HELL - In the Night We Burn

Next Door To Heaven - Calibrate

TESTAMENT - Dark roots of earth


Frank Palangi - Gone...

Bloated Pig - Young, Ugly And Dead

Father Moon - The Worm and The Raven

Penny Billionaires - BRKDWN

Oldskull - Nether Hollow of No Return

Obscure Fate - Black Moon

Devasted - Guillotina

Gomorran - Excerpts from the Dark Age

Hyperblast - Alkoholik Habiz - "Sentiero della Guerra"

Before We Fall

Ransom - Back to the Boozer

Apes of God - Emergidos del Odio y Rencor

APOTHEUS - ​Staring the Abyss

Falcotron - Sonic Ninjas of Fuzz

MurderWorker - "Where The Scum Becomes Dinner"

MurderWorker - "Where The Scream Becomes Silence"

Fetal Blood Eagle - Hate Fucked Face

Fostermother - The Ocean

Qliphothic Realm - Entrance

Nothing But Real - Snake Eyes

Lords Of The Opium Church - Opium Church