Break Me Down - "Soul Clashes"

VIIHB - "Memento Mori"

Anthares - "After The War"

Cell Press - "Cages"

Greyhawk - "Thunderheart"

dawn of existence - "Ancient Arts"

Wounds - "The Archfiend's Apothecary"

Nuclear Tomb - "Terror Labyrinthian"

Break Me Down

De Mal En Pire - "L'Astre de Velours"

Bottenhavet - "Ljud i tysta rum"

BRAKE LOOSE - "Love On Fire"

Silvertonguedevil - "Royalty"

Metro Society - "London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898"

Azzaya - "I Begin"

Black Sonic Pearls - "Sonixomnia"

Voltax - "Ardentis"

The Human Edition - "Human Nature"

Silent Agreement - "Stranger"

Dario Grillo

EXTINCT - "Incitement Of Violence"

Phrasing - "Throw You Out

Karkaza - "Let It Rise"

Ultimatium - "Run Like The Wind"

Inner Torture - Stain

Garden of Stone - "Tides of Decay"

Abandon All - Strong

Petrolbreath - "Carnal Rivals"

Smerdead - "About Life, Death, and War"

Kelevra - "Oneiric"

The Fods - You've Not Got Me

Beyond The Hate - "Darkest Times"

Sol Negate - "A Mind That Bleeds"

Still Dusk - "Garden"

Bloodride - "Idiocracy"

ABHCAN - "Build & Break"

Koitos - "Kaaostila"

Technophobia - "Anti-Human Terror"


Wizards of Hazards - Supernatural

Necronomicon Ex Mortis - "My Bloody Valentine"

September Again - "Caged"

MALPHAS - Red Shield Syndicate

4BanneD - Night of Sacrifice

The Scream - "WHELLCOME"

Satra - "Sand Of Time"

Veil Of The Serpent - "Into The Moon"

Vented - "Cruelty and Corruption"

Primordial Black - "Monas Hieroglyphica"

Distorted Force - "Angelic Bloodshed"