Sinnery - "Below the Summit"

Panssarituho - "Sanansaattaja"

Arkayic Revolt - The New Hypocrisy

Kaesarian - Else's Home

Asidie - "Inside a Restless Mind"

Sinnery - "Below the Summit"

Hyperia - “Automatic Thrash Machine”

CRAVER - Dreams Of The Night

BRAKE LOOSE - "REBEL REBEL (Evil Like The Devil)"

Daniele Brusaschetto - "Bruise A Shadow"

Lord Volture - "Live 'em Up!"

Tragic Forms - "Arms 'Round The Armistice"

Slaamaskin - "Trollveggen"

Gods of Gaia - "The Redeemer"

Crazy Mad Ride - "Life, Liberty, Death"

Avenger of Blood - "Tyrants Of The Bloodlands"

HeKz - "Too Far Gone"


Animamortua - "Gods Among Us"

Supporting Independent Music: Fueling the Metal Fire

Ask Carol - "Pressure's On"

Triskelyon - "Is Hope Still Alive?"

Sacred Oath - "Return of the Dragon"

Deimos' Dawn - "Too Much Pain Is Not Enough"

Species - To Find Deliverance

Elusion - "Isochronism"

ZZ Top - "Degüello"

Matt Matteo and Sylvie Filloux - "J'aimerais voir le monde"

Suicide Puppets - "Beyond the Veil"

Angeles - "Just Do It"

Newt - Black Light

Sinsation - "I Am Man" (Vampiric Thrash Metal)