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ORCumentary Unleashes a Horde of Epicness with Self-Titled Song and Upcoming EP
Connecticut's Unstoppable Orc Metal Masters Strike Again!
Calling all metal warriors and fantasy aficionados – it's time to hoist your battle axes, strap on your armor, and get ready for a metal journey unlike any other. Connecticut's very own orc metal overlords, ORCumentary, are back with a roar that's louder than a dragon's fire and heavier than a troll's club. Brace yourselves for their self-titled song "ORCumentary" and prepare to be taken on a headbanging, mosh-pit inducing quest through the realms of Folk, Power, and Death Metal!
Imagine a realm where Dethklok is hosting a grand feast with Amorphis and Gwar, and you'll find yourself in the wild, untamed territory that ORCumentary fearlessly dominates. These orc metal maestros have just dropped the lyric video for their titular anthem, and it's an auditory journey that'll have you wielding your air-guitar like a legendary sword.
Orc Adams, the genius behind the band's songwriting, keyboards, and vocals, has conjured up a tune that's as unapologetically brutal as it is irresistibly catchy. The self-titled "ORCumentary" track is an explosive concoction of infectious keyboard leads, growls that make you question whether you've stumbled into a demonic choir practice, and lyrics that'll have you shouting along like you're rallying the troops for an epic siege.
But wait, there's more! ORCumentary isn't just a one-trick orc. Their upcoming EP, set to wreak havoc on August 25th, promises a symphonic onslaught of the most epic proportions. Picture a viking horde storming a medieval castle while riding dragons – that's the kind of auditory adventure you're in for. These orc metal architects have fused classic heavy metal with elements drawn straight from the annals of fantasy and mythology, resulting in a sound that's as unique as a dragon with a Mohawk.
Whether you're a seasoned orc metal connoisseur or just dipping your toe into the mead-filled waters of this genre, the self-titled "ORCumentary" track is a sonic feast you won't want to miss. Get ready to slam your mugs, bang your heads, and raise your horns in salute to the ultimate orc metal anthem.
So, gather your fellowship, ready your axes, and prepare to embark on a metal quest like no other. Join ORCumentary on their epic journey by watching the spine-tingling lyric video of "ORCumentary" now:
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So there you have it, brave souls and metalheads – an orc metal saga that's as fierce as it is addictive. Prepare your senses for the onslaught of epicness that's about to be unleashed by the one and only ORCumentary. This August 25th, the mead will flow, the mosh pits will churn, and the orc metal anthems will echo through the ages. Let the orc horde reign supreme!