What's New

Canada's speed/heavy metal project ICE WAR has inked a deal with Fighter Records for the release of its 4th album "Defender, Destroyer", which will be released on July 21st, 2020 on CD & 12"LP formats.

ICE WAR is formed solely by Jo Capitalicide (also in APHRODITE) which occurred after the dissolution of his previous band IRON DOGS in 2015. Since then, he's been releasing demos, EP's and albums at full force! Now, ICE WAR has signed with Fighter Records for the release of its 4th album "Defender, Destroyer".

ICE WAR features fast and aggressive sounds, associated with the previous incarnation of IRON DOGS. "Defender, Destroyer" is a raw speed/ heavy metal album with a punk twist. Influences range from SAVAGE GRACE, S.D.I., RAZOR, IRON ANGEL, to the very first HELLOWEEN EP from '85. The cover art of this new album was made by the famous fantasy painter Didier Normand and a new updated logo was created by Daniel Porta.

Tracklist for "Defender, Destroyer" is as follows:

01. Power From Within
02. Defender, Destroyer
03. Soldiers of Frost
04. Rising From the Tomb
05. Mountains of Skulls
06. Crucified in Fire
07. Demonoid
08. Skull and Crossbones
09. Running Out of Time
10. Breakaway