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Sweden's MEGASCAVENGER, one of the countless projects from Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, REVOLTING, PUTREVORE, RIBSPREADER, THE GROTESQUERY... and 40 other bands), have just inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their 5th album "Songs in the Key of Madness", set to be released on August 6th, 2020 on CD format.

MEGASCAVENGER emerged in 2012 as a solo project by Rogga Johansson and on each and every album he has brought guests from many prominent bands. Legends from MASTER, ASPHYX, AVULSED, GRAVE, EDGE OF SANITY, MASSACRE and BENEDICTION among many others have all been doing their stuff on MEGASCAVENGER songs throughout the first four albums: "Descent of Yuggoth" (2012), "At the Plateaus of Leng" (2014), "As Dystopia Beckons" (2016) & "Boneyard Symphonies" (2019).

This time, on their 5th opus "Songs in the Key of Madness", MEGASCAVENGER have dug deeper into the graveyard soil than before, to spew tracks heavily influenced by bands like Exhumed, Impetigo, Ghoul, Frightmare and Blood Freak, but still retaining that Grave/ early Illdisposed vibe.

The special guests for vocals and guitar solos this time are from MACHETAZO, CROPSY MANIAC, WOMBBATH, FONDLECORPSE and PAGANIZER and they do their best to bring out the worst in both blistering fast and utterly heavy songs of the album. The excellent drums on the album are handled by Jon Skäre of WACHENFEDLT and DEFIATORY, as well as many other bands.

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