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Tonight at 9pm (French Time), July 18th, on Radio Papy Jeff, I invite you to listen to the excellent track "Down This Road" by the band EIEN, from their latest album "In this Game".

Bio :
EIEN is a modern heavy metal band from Athens, Greece, which formed in 2008 and has released 3 albums and an EP so far.

2009 : ''Vacant Expressions'' is their very first album.

2011: They are establishing themselves on the Greek metal scene with ''Closure'', which has been very well received and has created an anticipation of what the future might bring.

2013 : Their track "The Sickening" from their EP (ArtRacks Studios, mixed/mastered by Fredrik Nordstrom - Fredman Studios) was adopted by the local press, and received good reviews. It got a place at the suggestion of the Greek Metal Hammer's suggestion of the month, which described it as "Sing Along Heavy Metal Anthems".

2019 : After a long break, EIEN, with an exceptional team of associates and friends, started recording new songs for their latest album, "In This Game".

The album is strongly influenced by George Orwell's founding book, 1984, which, although published in the distant 1949, is more relevant today than ever. It is the story of a dystopian future where an entire nation is under the constant surveillance of a totalitarian regime. Freedom of expression and even of thought is being challenged and almost totally eradicated. "Whoever controls the past controls the future. Whoever controls the present controls the past."

Melodic vocal lines mingle with aggressive vocals that spit out lyrics of unprecedented sharpness and denunciation, while a groovy rhythm section, complex riffs and dynamic percussion complete the rather layered soundscape that is EIEN's music.

The recording took place at U217 & Encore Studios and the album was produced by VlassisKetsilis and mastered by Steve Lado. It also features guests such as ChrysaTsaltampasi (vocals, Spineless) and Nikos Panagiotopoulos (bass guitar), while the demo was created by Manthos Stergiou (Manster Design).

Mike A. - Voice
Tim V. - Guitars
Thanos K. - Drums
Paris X. - Guitars
Andy P. - Bass

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