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Friday Breath - Running Dogs

Friday Breath - Running Dogs


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Friday Breath - Running Dogs
FRIDAY BREATH were born of an idea of Ermindo Civitarese, a young guitarist from a small town in the province of Chieti, in 2009. Among several line-up changes, Loris Ortolano took over on the drums in 2010, and Nicola Cirulli joined on bass in 2015. The three friends are the only members since 2017, with Ermindo and Nicola alternating and accompanying each other in the role of leading voice. They have played around Italy in all these years, participated in festivals and competitions, and recorded their first album. The music video "Running Dogs", was released on 8 December 2019. The album, Start To Run, is was released on 2nd April 2021 via Volcano Records.
Nicola Cirulli: voice, bass
Ermindo Jr. Civitarese: guitars
Loris Ortolano: drums