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Murder Van - Crooked Smiles EP Teaser

Atlanta Georgia's thrashing death metal band Murder Van was formed in March of 2018 by Skraw Tharp (guitars, vocals) joined by DethRay (Bass) and Jarrod (Drums) . The trio quickly began crafting songs that would blend high intensity Thrash and Old School Death Metal. Just three months after its formation, Murder Van entered Blue Ogre Noise Lab in Atlanta to record their self-titled full-length debut. The 8-song effort was engineered and produced by Tommy Stewart (Hallows Eve), and self-released. Before the album would be released, drummer Jarrod fell off the top of an 18-story building to his death and was quickly devoured by vultures and small rodents. His departure from the band and the drum position was quickly filled by Atlanta veteran Joseph Dingle with the understanding that his position would be temporary. Murder Van continued to perform high intensity live shows around the southeast, constantly seeking to expand their audience and find their permanent drummer. Released in December of 2019 the self-titled debut received rave reviews and won Metal Addicts album of the year. Singles from the album were featured on various compilations including Slowly We Rot Vol. #15, and Metal Hammer Portugal #16. Murder Van were humbled by several great reviews and won best metal album of 2019 on Metal Addicts poll. In early 2020 Murder Van was gaining momentum that only a global pandemic could stop. Throughout several months of quarantine, Skraw and DethRay planned their next move which led to the entrance of Drew Verstraete (Nuclear Assault, Zruda) to solidify the lineup. While not on tour with NA, Drew was working as an embalming technician at a local Atlanta funeral home, and after only a single rehearsal with Skraw and Dethray, they knew that it would become the audible nightmare they had all hoped for.
In March of 2021 armed with vicious new material Murder Van entered West End Sound studio in Atlanta, working with legendary engineer/producer Tom Tapley, with production assistance from Bill Kelliher (Mastodon).
In September 2021, Murder Van signed a world-wide publishing deal with Wormholedeath Records. As the world begins to open-up and awaken from pandemic slumber Murder Van are eager to return to the stage.
Band members:
Skraw Tharp - Guitars, Vocals
Drew Verstraete - Drums
Deth Ray - Bass