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Legendary Spanish Blackers Blazemth scheduled their debut album entitled "The Return of Lucifer" for March 15th and to be released through XTREEM MUSIC on CD, 12"LP, Cassette and Digital formats.


BLAZEMTH - The Return of Lucifer

BLAZEMTH was born in Barcelona in 1993 from the ashes of ROTTEN FLESH when Volkhaar and Lord Erlick decided to transform their Death Metal music into a more Black Metal sound. Soon after, Frost Demon, Hisarr Zul and Nordak joined in, and the long-haired Black Metal gang began to shape their first albums and to perform gigs in Spain and abroad.
In the spring of 1994, they recorded five songs at the rehearsal room with very few resources but great enthusiasm and that became the demo "Seven Winds Encircle my Soul". In 1995 the band released "For Centuries Left Behind" with the label Abstract Emotions, a mini-CD with a sound reminiscent of the bands like Darkthrone, Satyricon, Burzum, Bathory, Celtic Frost, etc. In 1996 they released their second mini-CD "Fatherland" with five songs and a sound that reflects a clear maturity of the band. BLAZEMTHdecided to end their trajectory in 1997 but in 2017 Volkhaar brought the band back to life and in the same year came out the reissue of their first two EP’s in a luxurious and exceptional release "Dragon Blaze" featuring live tracks and celebrating the 25th birthday of the band. In 2019 was released the compilation album "A Tribute to Iberian Scene" with the demo "Seven Winds Encircle my Soul" from 1994, along with the songs from other bands such
After several changes in the line-up and with Volkhaar as the only remaining original member after 25 years, BLAZEMTH are finally releasing their first full-length album “The Return of Lucifer” which will come out in the beginning of 2022 through Xtreem Music. Their new work is still influenced by the Nordic Black Metal sound of bands like Necrophobic, Dissection, Watain, Emperor and Mayhem. The new album was recorded and produced at Moontower Studios by Javi Bastard (Graveyard, Lux Divina, Primigenium...) and the mastering was done at Unisound Studios in Germany by Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale, Katatonia, Bloodbath...).
Ferran Volkhaar – guitars/vocals
Shunh – guitar
Franklin – bass
Riky Mena – drums
Jorge Dragon – didgeridoo