Fall in Autumn


To Discover: Fall in Autumn

With the change in seasons, as autumn is eclipsed by winter, something wicked this way comes; the elegantly eerie new project, FALL IN AUTUMN, which pervades your senses as autumn ends and dark nights overtake us.
Led by Jennifer McInnis, who is responsible for all vocals and instrumentation aside from the drums, she takes you on a dark, melancholic journey brimming with '70s acid rock, '90s grunge, and a myriad of moods and mysticism that brews from within her.
“This Dark Night” follows the singles “Luna”/“Years Lost”, which launched to an unsuspecting world on Halloween 2020.
Guiding her along the murky path is the multi-talented Iver Sandøy who mixed, mastered and played percussion on “This Dark Night” at his Solslottet Studio in Bergen, Norway. Of course, he is most well-known as the drummer in Enslaved, Ivar Bjørnson and Einar Selvik, Emerhoff and The Melancholy Babies and Oppnedbass.
Only recently returning to her Southern Ontario birthplace, McInnis spent a number of years in Norway deeply entrenched in the music scene and quietly honing her grimness for mass consumption.
"For me, songwriting is alchemy,” McInnis describes, “which can be defined as ‘a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination.’ Inspired by my fascination with mysticism, ‘This Dark Night’ tells a tale of ominous ritual and the unknown."
“This Dark Night” was recorded at Witch Lair Studio in Southern Ontario.
Listen to “This Dark Night” at https://youtu.be/q3X2-IHTRxM