To Discover: HOLLOW (Available at Rockshots Records)

Rockshots Records has released the latest album from the band HOLLOW, led by Andreas Stoltz (ex-Binary Creed), on November 26, 2021. Titled "Tower", this fourth album follows 2019's "Between Eternities of Darkness", which marked the band's return after a 20-year hiatus since the release of the 1999 album "Architects of The Mind" via Nuclear Blast Records.
Featuring 10 tracks, "Tower" is a story album best listened to as a whole, which tells a tale of transformation with its blend of progressive metal/rock, power, melodic death and thrash elements. Andrea Stoltz is accompanied by drummer Stalder Zantos who also appeared on “Between Eternities of Darkness”.
HOLLOW - The Tower
Track Listing:
1. Birth (3:45)
2. The Tower (3:25)
3. Guardian (3:49)
4. The Waiting Is Over (3:26)
5. Destroyer of Worlds (3:38)
6. Every Drop of My Blood (3:58)
7. Sunrise (3:29)
8. A Home Forgotten (3:30)
9. Nation of Man (3:42)
10. Wander On (3:39)
Album Length: 36:24