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Athemon, a duo featuring Tom MacLean (bassist/producer, To-Mera, ex-Haken) and Adriano Ribeiro (vocalist and guitarist) are offering up to progressive metal fans a FREE download of their debut self-titled album released on October 11th.


The full length can be downloaded for FREE at the following link:

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"Full of dark and enigmatic atmospheres, this is a concept record that is meant to be heard as one long 50-minute track divided into nine parts, which tells a story about self-awareness. This is a creative release that seeks to forge the perfect alloy of darkness and beauty," adds the band.
The story of Athemon comes together while many musicians were in lockdown during the Covid pandemic and unable to congregate for simple jams or have outlets to perform their music. Using this global pause, two musicians Tom MacLean based in the UK, and Adriano Ribeiro based in Brazil crossed paths online and used the digital world to their advantage to give rise to their new band Athemon.
"Adriano sent me his demo and it gave me goosebumps, so I was keen to get involved," says MacLean.
From a significant evolution between demos to their final introductory recordings, MacLean and Ribeiro created a bonding friendship over musical interests that created the perfect environment to allow them to evolve and conceive their debut album.
Formed as a gateway to express their art using progressive metal music, the duo invited a special guest drummer from Brazil; Gledson Gonçalves who added his percussionist touch to compliment each one of the nine tracks.
"As nobody goes alone in this world (even being totally alone inside one’s own mind), the songwriting process had a lonely beginning, but a very collaborative end. The beginning of this project was driven by Adriano, but nothing would fit so well if it wasn’t for the amazing connection the three of us have (Adriano, Tom, and our special guest on drums, Gledson)," says MacLean.
The lyrics for the album were written by vocalist/guitarist Adriano Ribeiro and were inspired by thoughts of how confusing reality can be if you are not taking care of your emotional side. "The thin line between what’s real and what’s not is an endless world," adds Ribeiro.
New fans of Athemon, can expect much more to come from the pair as they already have plans to launch their second album by the end of 2022, which they are currently composing with promising results.
Recommended for fans of Nevermore, Pain of Salvation, Opeth, Gojira, and Mastodon, Athemon's self-titled debut is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major digital music platforms.
Track Listing:
1. Perception (3:16)
2. Whispers (5:29)
3. The Glass Hindered Us (3:57)
4. Different From What Was Missing (5:23)
5. Seed of Change (7:25)
6. I Voice of Mine (8:12)
7. Reaching Deepness (6:42)
8. Greatest Understanding (5:54)
9. Birth (4:01)
Album Length: 50:20
Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: Athemon
• All songs written by: Athemon
• Produced by: Tom MacLean
• Mixed by: Tom MacLean Twelve Tone Studio
• Mastered by: Tony Lindgren Fascination Street Studios
• Album Artwork by: Luigi Quarta
Album Band Line Up:
Adriano Ribeiro (Guitars, Vocals)
Tom MacLean (Bass)
Gledson Gonçalves (session Drums)