Black Ink River - When I’m Gone


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Black Ink River - "When I’m Gone" (Heavy Rock)

Release Date: February 25, 2022

Location: Västerås, Sweden


Black Ink River - When I'm Gone feat.Chasmin Marquez

FFO: Mountain, Cry Of Love, Cream
A rock band much in the vein of Mountain or Cream that contains of four men with completely different backgrounds. Daniel was in a death metal band, Anders in a heavy metal band, Bosse in a blues band and Roger in a bluesy rock band before the creation of Black Ink River. With these different backgrounds and different influences their sound is like nothing else out there. When I’m Gone is one of the softer songs on the latest album Through The Unknown. It’s a duet featuring the amazing singer and friend Chasmin Marquez. The song is about what feelings you would have at the end of your life knowing death is just around the corner. Would you be at peace, or would you be scared? It’s also about losing loved ones and holding on to memories. We wanted to do something really emotional and visual, so we hired Dronicon Films to do an animated music video and it turned out even better than we hoped for. When I’m Gone is a song close to heart for us in the band and it got even more meaningful when Chasmin had to go through surgery due to a brain tumor, she struggled with a few years ago. This is a song that we would like to dedicate to her. Life is fragile. Beautiful but fragile.