Fumigation - Structural Extermination


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Artist: Fumigation

Release title: Structural Extermination

Release Date: 18-02-2022

Format: CD, Cassette

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Canada


FUMIGATION - Centipede Stampede

Guest Vox on "Centipede Stampede" by Ryan from GUTTED ALIVE
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Exterminating since 2008, FUMIGATION is a 5 piece death metal band from Ottawa, ON, Canada, signed to CDN Records.
Today's metal scene lacks bands with a constant theme or at least an interesting one. Through this void enters FUMIGATION "Your Death Metal Pest Control Specialists". The theme of insects, rodents and chemicals is entertaining, insightful, and humorous all at the same time. From phobias to infestations, harbourages to feeding habits, FUMIGATION will dissect the situation and select the best method of control. This method usually comes in the form of groove laden death metal.
Fans have come to expect and appreciate an excellent stage presence and the right themed-look at live events and do not leave disappointed. The band has also been featured on various Canadian and international compilations, Canadian and internet radio stations, blogs, mobile game apps, print magazines, and more.
FUMIGATION has been playing shows since 2009 supporting large underground metal acts such as Vital Remains, Napalm Death, Malignancy, Revocation, Dehumanized, Incantation, Immolation, etc. and have toured Quebec & Ontario including participation in several festivals.
FUMIGATION released the full-length CD "Integrated Pest Management" in 2013 (CDN Records), the "Invasion" Split CD in 2017 (CDN Records), and the "r0 5.7" EP in 2020 (S/R). The sophomore full-length CD "Structural Extermination" is due out in early 2022 through CDN Records.
The band comments on their sophomore full-length: «Familiar pace, groove and brutality from our early work with some newer and unexpected twists that should keep old fans engaged and attract new ones. Modern but not mechanical sounding production. Tongue in cheek lyrics and pest control theme continued.»
For Fans of Bloodbath, Cephalic Carnage, Immolation, Severed Savior, Skinless, Visceral Disgorge
Guest Vocals:
Track 03 - Ryan Michael (Gutted Alive)
Track 04 - Lyndon Quadros (Mors Verum)
Track 05 - Jeff "Sludge" Udall (Dievertor / ex-Fumigation)
Track 07 - Dominic Vorster (Bleeding Spawn / Displeased Disfigurement)
Track 10 - Jason Kurz (Bastard Son)
All Music by Chris & Fumigation.
01. Vanier Shack (unit inspection)
02. Fly That You Fear
03. Centipede Stampede
04. Close to a Burrow Below
05. Pinworms & Anal Burns
06. Botfly Incision
07. The Barren Hive
08. Mosquitos in my Taquitos
09. Like Moths to a Flame
10. Servant of The Queen
Tom Hansen (drums)
Chris Humeniuk (bass, keys)
Matt MacIvor (guitars)
Vitto Oh (guitars)
Dan Rogers (vox)