June 1974 - Supernova


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June 1974 "Supernova" feat. Tommy Talamanca (Sadist)

June 1974 "Supernova" feat. Tommy Talamanca (Sadist) taken from the forthcoming new June 1974 "Greetings From Mars" album out 22/2/22 by Visionaire Records.
June 1974 is solo music project created by Federico Romano in late 2010. Till now he has published tons of singles and albums of different kinds of music passing from electro to Classic, Ambient, Rock, Pop, Metal.
This is the focus of this music project, simply play music without compromise and only for open mind listeners.He has collaborated with various talented and famous photographers/models for his covers albums/singles and with special guests musicians on some albums like for this new one “Greetings From Mars” that could be defined like simply Post Emotional Music.In this album there are 3 great guest musicians:
- Trond Engun,guitar player of (The 3rd And The Mortal) that plays on “Dream Me Again” song
- Espen Ingierd ,guitar player /voice of (Beyond Dawn) that plays on “Cameo” song.
- Tommy Talamanca ,guitar player of (Sadist) that plays on 2 songs: ”Supernova” and “Morte Nera”.
Mastering at Nadir Music Studios by Tommy Talamanca.
Cover album by Rob Hakemo.
The album will be out 22/2/2022 on all worldwide digital music stores by Visionaire Records.
This new album contains 10 tracks.
01- Supernova
02- Caligo
03- Dream Me Again
04- Greetings For Mars
05- Aura
06- The Fugitive
07- Cameo
08- Morte Nera
09- Celeste
10- Haven
10 tracks relatively different from each other.
10 tracks which walk you from an Ambient Rock to a Rock a little bit more hard, in particular with the title "Morte Nera", the most rock title of the album.
It is an album that goes crescendo, then after three tracks a little muscular, goes down gently to close this one.
An atypical album, indisputably.