Memoremains - Back Off

What's New:

Pop metal band Memoremains releases new fiery single "Back Off"

The single got also a very fiery music video which was filmed by Riku Männistö.

Memoremains - Back Off

Finnish pop-metal band Memoremains which plays catchy pop-metal will release its second album in the early summer. After the singles Sympathy and Not My Fault, the band will now release the song Back Off, which skillfully combines nu-metal and disco heavy.
Singer Johanna Ahonen comments:
“People who are too kind are often said to be angry and bitter liars because they don’t voice their own voice and get bitter when others don’t even consider their needs without asking. The story of the Back Off song turns the situation on its head by being a pleaser's manifesto that, instead of secretly, tells angrily what a kind person would really like to say. "