Slaves To Fashion - Rocking Hard in the City


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Slaves To Fashion - "Rocking Hard (in the City)"

Label: Self-Released

Release Date: 09-02-2022

Format: Digital

Genre: Hard rock

Country: Norway

For fans of KISS, AC/DC, Aerosmith


Slaves To Fashion - "Rocking Hard (in the City)"

KISS, AC/DC and Aerosmith were iconic and great influential bands of the hard rock genre in the mid-1970s. They were just as hard-hitting as the forefathers of metal from the beginning of the decade but also straighter to the point, thus developing the genre in a new direction.
Norwegian band SLAVES TO FASHION, who released last year's critically acclaimed concept album "The History of Heavy Metal", now pays tribute to this important period of heavy metal history.
The single "Rocking Hard (in the City)" is highly inspired by the legendary bands and the song rocks. It rocks hard. It rocks hard in the city and everywhere else you like to rock!
Written and produced by Torfinn Sirnes
Recorded at Baker Island Studios, Haugesund, Norway
Mixed by Vidar Ingvaldsen
Mastered by Christian Obermayer at Strype Audio, Oslo, Norway
Johannes Støle: lead and backing vocals
Torfinn Sirnes: lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Stein Arild Grønås: rhythm guitars
John Lind: bass
Vidar Ingvaldsen: drums