Voidfallen - The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse


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Voidfallen - The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse

Release: Voidfallen - The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse
Format: CD/Digital
Release Date: October 8th 2021
Record label: Inverse Records
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Finland

Voidfallen - The Slaves of the Echo Chambers

“The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse” is the confident debut album of the young but quickly acknowledged band. The album consists of nine independent songs which still forms its own entirity.
The collective theme of the lyrics is the narrowness of the human mind and the distress caused by that, and the moral confrontations that follow. The album begins with an atmospheric intro and turns into a fierce blast of melodic death metal with beautiful melodies. Compositionally the songs have carefully placed moments to breathe.
As soon as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted the band plans to hit the road again with the new songs.
For the band the album is definitely an important roadmark and for the listeners something you don’t want to miss.
Voidfallen started as a two man project of Tommi and Henri. The goal of the band was to learn from previous mistakes and create art without compromises. In 2019 the band released its debut-EP titled "The Sinners, the Plague and the Voidfallen” after which the live shows started after filling the missing roles with talented musicians. At the beginning of 2020 they wrote a multiyear booking deal with Heavy Metal Heart Agency and started composing the album. “The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse” sums up skillfully together the existence of the band.
1. The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse:
2. Remnants of the Heart
3. The Hollows
4. The Daughters
5. From Souls to Embers
6. From Embers to Fall
7. Sui Generis
8. The Slaves of the Echo Chambers
9. Seen Through Ice
Voidfallen is:
Tommi Kangaskortet - Vocals
Henri Vuorenmaa - Guitars
Aleksi Tossavainen - Guitars
Lauri Myllylä - Bass
Mika Lumijärvi - Drums
Morbid North (Merchandise): https://morbidnorth.com/band/voidfallen/