Weaponry - Everwinding Slaughter


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Canadian Jo Steel (ICE WAR/ APHRODITE/ EXPUNGED) and Spaniard Dave Rotten (AVULSED/ HOLYCIDE/ CHRIST DENIED/ FAMISHGOD) have joined forces in a new band called WEAPONRY whose intention is to create the dirtiest, most intense and relentless Death/ Crust on both sides of the Atlantic ocean!!

WEAPONRY was born in early 2021 when Jo Steel wrote a bunch of songs for a new project still unnamed and without a vocalist for it until one day, in spring of the same year, he decided to show Dave Rotten what he recorded and since a friend of Jo which was supposed to do vocals, never replied, Dave was asked to join and so this project became a more serious thing under the name of WEAPONRY with a cool logo and a concept behind.
During summer, the 10 songs were properly mixed and vocals were recorded with the use of lyrics provided by Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER/ MASSACRE/ PUTREVORE) and then sent to Germany for a proper STEM mastering by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios. The cover artwork was done by Spanish artist José Vives, which perfectly depicts the post-apocalyptic theme of the band. "Everwinding Slaughter" contains 10 songs of a dirty, intense and savage Death/ Crust full of catchy riffs and relentless tempo. Influences may come from bands like COMECON, DOOM, NIHILIST, DISCHARGE, AUTOPSY, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, MASTER, UNCURBED… The album was released on the 11th of January 2022 on CD, 12"LP & Cassette by XTREEM MUSIC.
The tracklist for "Everwinding Slaughter" is as follows:
01. Speedkill
02. The Oozer
03. Road Rat Rage
04. Future Wasteland
05. The Burned Land
06. Crossbow Warrior
07. Into the Dome
08. Zone Traveler
09. Fields of Mutation
10. Toxic Waste Overture