Noutaja - Never Meant To Save Us

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Noutaja - Never Meant To Save Us
Format: CD/Digital
Release Date: August 20th 2021
Record label: Inverse Records
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Finland


Noutaja - Born Unto Hawthorns

Noutaja is the band from Finnish metal scene, with the players from such bands as Amoral, Shear, Mönni, Apulanta and Jo Below. The name of their game is old school death metal with a definitive nod to the ’90’s and such proponent of the genre as Morbid Angel, Deicide, Death and Sepultura. Noutaja is not a nostalgia act however. The Never Meant to Save Us Ep combines all the band members influences and experiences in original music in to a hard hitting collection of catchy yet brutal death metal songs.
Masi Hukari - Vocals and Guitar
Pekka Johansson - Bass
Juhana Karlsson - Drums
Jonne Lindqvist - Guitar
Deicidal Tendencies
Sentimental Vultures
Taller Walls And Stronger Cages
Born Unto Hawthorns