Antiquus Scriptum - The Triangle of Divinities (From Album "Magnis Tenebris Obscurantum")


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Album: Antiquus Scriptum - Magnis Tenebris Obscurantum
Release Date: 05-03-2022
Format: CD, Digital
Genre: Symphonic Black / Folk / Thrash Metal
Country: Portugal
The EP is the return to black metal leads since "Ahbra Khadabra", from 2019, and features the special participation of multi-instrumentalists from Paraguay, Danicide, who made all the electric material.
The work was mixed and produced by Paulo Vieira (Nyx Sludgedweller), at the Mosh Pit Studios (Por), in November 2021.
1. Resound of Gjallarhorn (Enslaved Cover)
2. The Triangle of Divinities
3. Broken Mirror
4. A Carnival of Egos (Or the Fallen Masks of Deceivement)
5. Thousand Lakes (Amorphis Cover)
6. The Hammer of Retribution
7. My Prophetical Premonition
8. No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep (Dissection Cover)
Interludes from the guest musicians ‘Mordred’ - Piano & Keyboards in “Resound of Gjallarhorn”, Marina 'Stillborn' - Piano in "Thousand Lakes" & ‘EternalAwait’ - Piano in "No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep".
Jorge Magalhaes = Concept, lyrics & vocals
The chorus are from Sacerdos Magus, Paulo Vieira, Gustavo Vieira & Ricardo Vieira.