Red Eleven - Handled with Chaos


The year 2021 has been difficult for the music scene.

That's why I'm taking a few releases from this year to put them in the light a little.

Red Eleven - Handled with Chaos
Release date: April 23rd 2021
Record label: Secret Entertainment
“Handled with Chaos” is Red Eleven’s long-awaited fourth full-length album is now released. The band’s previous album “Collect Your Scars” accumulated fans and positive feedback from around the world and “I Follow” -music video was premiered at Germany’s Metal Hammer. The new record brings an alternative rock and groovy metal with 80´s nuances to your stereo player. Red Eleven has found its own sound but has not forgotten its inspirers, such as Faith No More.
Watch the music video of the track S.N.O.T.:
In the 11 tracks of the “Handled with Chaos” -album, the low-tuned guitars are supported by eighties synths and the rolling is hard, guaranteed Red Eleven quality. Additional spices to the sound world of the album are brought by using instruments such as didgeridoo and saxophone.
Red Eleven - Handled with Chaos
01. Handled with Chaos
02. Before I Fall
03. Universe
04. Against My Will
05. Starry Eyes
06. S.N.O.T.
07. Nothing Left to Hide
08. Die with Honor
09. My Own Space
10. Dark Water
11. Half a Life, Full Circle