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DRAG ME OUT - Crystal Arms

What's New:

The band Drag Me Out (ex-Asking Alexandria / Make Me Famous) has released a new video single, which I'll let you discover:

DRAG ME OUT - Crystal Arms

Denis Stoff on the new single: “ The Crystal Arms single-video is about fighting your big-gest enemy and this time it was something that resided inside of me for years. It wouldn’t let me breathe, sleep, feel, live, love. This song was an ultimate cure for the itch that swal-lowed me. Sometimes all sorts of shit like depression and anxiety just find you and start haunting you and you just need to find your way out. I found mine through this song. I hope it will help more people who are currently suffocation under their own skin. ”
This track is extracted from their new album "DEMONS AWAY" which will be released on August 26, 2022 via the Label Lödereih Music.
Drag Me Out are:
Denis Stoff - Vocals
Stas Belove - Guitars
Kir Medvedev - Bass
Chris Nokia - Drums