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Harvested - Harvested

Debut Self-Titled EP was Out May 7th

Harvested, hailing from Ontario and Quebec, Canada, is pleased to finally be releasing their debut self-titled EP. In the past few weeks, they have released a series of music videos to highlight singles and also show the intricacies of their music through playthroughs.
Music Video - Apathetic - https://youtu.be/-jN21Du9WEY​
Drum Playthrough - Bereavement - https://youtu.be/xvx9fCF3rss​
Lyrically, Harvested explores the topics of mental illness as a general theme. The drums have an old-school death metal feel with a modern touch and intricate yet very aggressive drum grooves. Vocally, Adam’s technique and overall projection is a respectful nod to George Fisher from Cannibal Corpse. The music stays mostly true to classic American Death Metal, but there are subtle elements from black metal and slam that make it interesting for a wide variety of listeners. They comment on the EP:
“We are beyond thrilled to present our very first self-titled EP to everyone. After years of hard work and dedication, as well as lockdowns and a few minor setbacks have only made us more prepared and we are finally ready to show you all what we’ve got. Having years of musical background and being good friends for years has added to the energy and chemistry we portray in our live performances. Our debut EP is just a taste of what we’ve accomplished so far as an unknown band in the last 3 years of forming, though we have much more in store coming very soon!”
​The EP is nothing less than a heavy, aggressive, in-your-face experience; riffs that hook and engage the listener and keep them wanting more. The band makes a solid effort to maintain the brutality, but with a psychological aspect to it, as opposed to exclusively encompassing gore.
The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Dark Moon Productions, who according to the band, did an awesome job providing them with the sound they were looking for, a modern production but rooted in the styles of the bands that founded this genre.
Harvested is recommended listening for fans of Hate Eternal. Cannibal Corpse, and Deicide.
Track Listing:​
1. Apathetic (3:11)
2. Bludgeoned (3:33)
3. Incognitive (3:17)
4. Delirium (3:19)
5. Bereavement (3:10)
EP Length: 16:33
EP Recording Credits:​
• All songs performed by: Harvested
• All songs written by: Harvested
• Produced by: Harvested
• Mixed by: Dark Moon Productions
• Mastered by: Dark Moon Productions
• Album Artwork by: Harvested
• Canadian Content (MAPL)
EP Band Line Up:​
Adam Semler – Vocals
Mitchi Dimitriadis – Guitars
Eric Forget – Bass
Jacob Collins - Drums

Live Band Line Up:​
Adam Semler – Vocals
Mitchi Dimitriadis – Guitars
Eric Forget – Bass
Jacob Collins - Drums
Miguel Marcheterre-Piña – Guitars
Harvested is a death metal group with members from Ontario and Quebec. Taking influences from classic death metal legions with a modern touch. The members are ‘Mitchi Dimitriadis’ on guitars. ‘Eric Forget’ on bass, ‘Adam Semler’ on vocals, and ‘Jacob Collins’ on drums. Mitchi is a local Ottawa producer. He’s also taken on engineering the EP and finalized pre-production for the release. Drums were recorded at Silver Wing Studios in Montreal. Guitars, bass, and vocals were officially recorded, all instruments mixed and mastered at ‘Dark Moon Productions’. Adam Semler has been a household name in the Ottawa, ON metal scene taking the world by storm with his groundbreaking projects. Includes but is not limited to A Scar For The Wicked, Misshapen, Hatred Reigns, and Harmoniaq. Harvested is ready to make its debut on May 7th, 2022. Keep an eye out for their upcoming music video release “Apathetic”.

“Viciously Brutal, Goes well with my morning coffee” - Paul Collins
“Non-stop heaviness from start to finish. Every song has a different experience yet they all have memorable and catchy riffs that engage the listener” - Eric Morotti (Drummer of Suffocation)
“The EP is quite awesome and I’ll find myself listening over and over again! They sound like Cannibal Corpse/Dying Fetus and many more. The day Harvested has a show in Montreal you can expect to see me in the pit.” - William Biron
"Presenting Harvested: Hailing from Ottawa is one of Canada's finest emerging death metal bands. Their debut E.P. brings that good ol' churning feeling in your stomach like you just chugged a 40 of malt liquor and fell down a hill! Dangerous, disorienting brutal fun. The way death metal should be. If you're into Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, and Morbid Angel or just having an all-around good time, look no further." - Brandon Aitchison