Nicarus - "Holy Sun Father Spirit"


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Nicarus - "Holy Sun Father Spirit"

(Post Rock/Metal, Stoner, Doom, Sludge)


Nicarus - Holy Sun Father Spirit

Nicarus came out strong in 2019 with an EP that left many well-known musicians and heavy music lovers speechless! For the simple fact - the heavy music world has NEVER seen before a one-woman band who wrote, preformed all instruments, produced, recorded, mixed & mastered a 9-minute piece of soul crushing art, dark and heavy well made, like full-budget bands, while she claims to spend 100$ max to create her baby, all DIY. Besides writing and performing it all on her own, Nicarus insisted on releasing it on her own!
In her own words: "most labels today are just trying to hold heads above water since it is the worst business plan to sign a metal artist for split royalties, probably worse than opening a sex shop in a church, surely over a 10 minutes of pain in frequencies that obviously so hard to sell, when I will write sweet melodies that can be played in movies and pc games I might consider work with other people to sell it so I can focus on the art, but until then I see no reason to go through a collab that will make everyone suffer, the internet is open, if what you look for is to get your art out there you don't need a label, you need a pair of balls, man or woman". - Nicarus