REMAINS OF DESTRUCTION - From Shadows We Rise (From Album "New Dawn", release May 28, 2022)

New Release:
The Finnish power metal regiment, Remains of Destruction, released their album called “New Dawn” on May 28, 2022. The revolutionary album transports the listener through beautiful melodies, heavy riffs, and epic moods. R.O.D has released a total of five singles from the album that have received good feedback, and the band assures that listeners will not be disappointed with their first full-length album.
"New Dawn" has also had high-level collaborators, such as Topias Kupiainen of Arion, long-time power metal expert Esa Orjatsalo, award-winning game music composer Kohld Haveneson, and Venezuela's gift to music production, producer Felipe Grüber.
The songs' themes on the album primarily deal with modern-day themes, and the texts revolve around the war in Ukraine, the pandemic, and the current state of humanity.
The band's singer Jesse Yrjölä, who was responsible for the production and recording of the album, says of the new album:
“New Dawn” is an epic journey through a post-apocalyptic fictive alternate reality full of velocity and dangerous situations. The album follows the real world's ugly situation through a third-person view, likened to a slightly whimsical universe according to our ideology through the eyes of different characters.
The concept of the album and some of the songs was in mind even before the whole band was formed. In the turn of the year, when our lineup was complete, we decided together to book an album-release gig and made a deal that we are going to finish the album by the gig. At that time we had released 3 singles and a total of five songs had been written! We worked our asses off throughout the beginning of the year and we were able to finish an album consisting of nine songs 3 weeks before the release! “the band’s singer laughs”. We got a real supergroup of awesome peers who I want to thank a thousand times for their work! 
Without them, this album would have never seen the light of day.
We hope everyone gets on board with us to spread the message of power metal!
Remains of Destruction - New Dawn (2022)
1. Blood Moon
2. Final Light
3. New Dawn
4. Mastermind
5. Mankind's Bequest
6. Gaze Upon The Stars
7. Northern Stars
8. Silvery Fields
9. From Shadows We Rise
Album cover by Nicolás Oliveros
Jesse Yrjölä - Vocals, Orchestration
Timo Pelkonen - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Saalas Ruokangas - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Orchestration
Janne Ollikainen - Drums
Jaakko Saloranta - Bass, Backing Vocals
Osmo Lassila - Piano, Keyboards