Still Eighteen - Keep Rocking

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Still Eighteen - Keep Rocking (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
IIt has arrived... Still Eighteen presents us their new single and video "Keep Rocking".
This track will wake up the rocker in you. "Keep Rocking" will make you tap your feet, move your hips and vibrate your heart.
At the same time, the band announces future dates for their Keep Rocking Tour in Europe this summer, including dates in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria!
Jul 8 Miev Club, Geislingen/Steige Germany
Jul 15 Hard Rock Hotel Davos, Davos Platz, Switzerland
Jul 17 AZ Live Club, Turate CO, Italy
Aug 12 Silvercube Hardrock Lounge, Dielsdorf, Switzerland
Aug 18 Lo Snag, Bern, Switzerland
Aug 20 Kiosk Arte, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Aug 25 Club am Donnerstag, Hamburg, Germany
Aug 31 Meisenfrei Blues Club, Bremen, Germany
Sep 2 Groove Bar and Lounge, Köln, Germany

Still Eighteen may be the only world-class alt-rock band of its kind. The band is made up of a mom, dad, and daughter, rocking the world! 
Still Eighteen’s shows & music ROCK - that’s why Still Eighteen was chosen out of thousands of bands to perform a 50-minute set of their originals at a music festival featuring Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, Billy Idol, and other legends.
Audiences love Still Eighteen’s live shows with the band's memorable and powerful originals, which have been viewed/streamed millions of times.
The members of Still Eighteen consider themselves to be non-conformists and questioners of the status quo. This attitude is reflected in many of their songs that tackle topics like war, greed, poverty, and environmental degradation. Emerging Indie Bands Blog dubbed the band a “rock protest trio”. However, not all of Still Eighteen’s music follows these themes. For example, their light-hearted song, You Hit Me Like a Drug and the accompanying funny music video went viral on Facebook with thousands of shares and over 1,000,000 views. 
Still Eighteen includes former Platinum Blonde and Trixie Goes Hollywood frontman, Joey, as the lead vocalist and guitarist, alongside his wife Karen on drums and their daughter Samantha on bass and vocals.
Initially a fan in the crowd, Karen caught Joey’s eye at a Toronto gig and instantly knew that he was “the one”. Over the course of dating, marriage, and having their daughter, the pair had long dreamed of living life at a more tropical pace, specifically in the Dominican Republic, having explored the island on rusty, rented motorcycles during multiple vacations.
Their life-changing move to a small, coastal town in the D.R. - best known for its kite-surfing (their favorite sport) - had a profound effect on the whole family. “It really expanded our world view,” Karen recalls. This new perspective ignited Joey’s creative inspiration and his songwriting flourished.
With such free and musical spirits at the helm, it was predestined that Samantha would catch the musical bug. At the age of eight, she started an all-girl rock band, Crush, and frequently opened for Joey’s band across island gigs. She started playing bass and writing her own material in her pre-teens, with her skills expanding to co-writing status of Still Eighteen's songs, alongside her dad.
In the meantime, Karen’s many years of exposure to the music world throughout Joey’s music career -- and now it being her daughter's passion -- was the catalyst for Karen becoming a serious drummer.

"Appreciate the upbeat, driving, and engaging feel this gives off. This piece captures that alt-rock sound blended with pop rock and classic rock nuances throughout. It has this punchy, exciting, and crisp tone that's easy to follow through. Recalls the likes of The Pretty Reckless, R.E.M., Duran Duran, No Doubt, etc. Clearly [Still Eighteen] has a flair for this type of sound. Like the energetic, spacious progression as well as the suiting melodies. It's grounded, with flares of groovy tones." - UNXIGNED
"Fun rock n' roll vibe..." - Rock The Pigeon
"... the melody is very captivating, and the music glides at a fantastic tempo that nicely fits the vocal style. Moreover, I like the captivating atmosphere of this one... great job on this!" - Solace
"Energetic performance and nice guitar driven sound." - SecretEclectic
"The vocal delivery is wonderful, love the vibe. The guitars are so catchy." - Rosenfeld
"... a fab upbeat, uplifting track with a strong style and energy..." - CATBEAR