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The Black Tabasco Project - Bite The Pepper (Indie Rock)

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The Black Tabasco Project - Greedy Little Sucker (From Album Bite The Pepper, release december 3 2021)

Bite The Pepper includes 8 tracks, from classic rock to garage, alternative & indie, to blues & pop. The title brings a playful and sexy mood which represents the band, their music, but also the entire aesthetics of their album. A canvas that balances between dynamic and atmospheric sounds, loud grooves, melodic lines and old, distorted guitars and delivers songs that are sexy, fuzzy, sensitive and motivate people either to dance or just to listen and feel.
Bite The Pepper was born out of the need of The Black Tabasco Project to create music that primarily motivates themselves, but also those who dare to identify with them! The tracks of the album were selected based on the emotional echo on themselves, both musically and lyrically. After all, each song deals with a different issue - from vanity and greed, to the heat of the moment, loss, wander, deception all tied to music you would not expect.
The Black Tabasco Project is a Greek rock band, formed in Athens in 2018. The group consists of Jorge jr. Cangrejo (vocals, guitar), Kostas Papadakis (drums), Vangelis Emmanouil (guitars) and Kostas Kontonikas (bass).
The Black Tabasco Project ‘s rock, creates vortices and memories and carry us away. Sometimes into dark, moisture basements and some other times at bright landscapes!