The Spectre Beneath - Clockwork Heart


Papy Jeff Likes this Band:

The Spectre Beneath is a power, progressive metal band from the U.K whose aim is to bend the tropes of each aforementioned genre to create a modern metal sound without relinquishing the very best aspects of each style. Bands such as Queensryche, Megadeth, Kobra and the Lotus and Unlucky Morpheus showcase what can be achieved both musically and thematically and were heavy influences in both the approach and production.
In early 2018 when Pete Worrall, guitarist for Plague and the Decay, began writing new material for the aforementioned band, little did he know how much the songs would alter his focus. The ideas were more melodic, more infectious and more grandiose without any of the intensity being compromised. It did not take long for the songs to manifest themselves into a brand new project, The Spectre Beneath. Knowing Plague and the Decay’s drummer, Consta Taylor, had the flair, the skills and technique to play the music’s more intricate elements, Pete brought him on board. Vocalist, L Lockser, was the culmination of an eighteen month search for a suitable singer. Her eclectic mix of influences meant she was not predisposed to Metal’s rubber stamp approach, a perfect fit for what Pete had in mind. With a rich, warm tone coupled with both power and subtlety in equal measure, L’s voice and unique phrasing added a depth and uniqueness to the band’s sound. “There aren’t many female vocalists in metal that sound like L”.
The Spectre Beneath expands on the blueprint from their debut album and once again creates a diverse yet heavy and exciting collection of songs. From the up-tempo and catchy ‘Voice in the Static’, to the blazing melodic thrash of ‘Clockwork Heart’, to the grinding doom of ‘The Funeral’ to the theatrical ‘The Premature Burial’. The Spectre Beneath’s new album is dramatic and grandiose affair that never forgets the genre’s most exciting elements.
"The Downfall of Judith King'- (Cd, 2019)
Band Line-Up:
L Lockser – vocals
Pete Worrall – guitar/bass
Consta Taylor – drums