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Thy Enemy (USA) - "Unattainable"

FFO: Hatebreed, Despised Icon, Unearth
Location: Harmony, ME
Thy Enemy is a heavy metal band hailing from the woods of Harmony, Maine, that formed in the month of September 2018. Thy Enemy is one of the first bands to form at "Not Whole Studios" (studio & venue), the original members were Ethan Hartley (vocals), Bronson Bateman (rhythm guitar), Alan Tydlacka (bass), and Gary Porter (drums). Soon after their first song "Crushing Weight" was written, James Rafferty (lead guitar), and Jordan Babcock (vocals) joined to help add more depth at guitar, and to create a dual vocalist band.
Thy Enemy decided to name their first EP "Chapters" due to a couple member changes, along with some sound/style changes. After recording their first single "And Then it All Went Black", vocalist Ethan Hartley left due to personal reasons. Soon after the "Chapters" EP was finished being recorded, lead guitarist James Rafferty left for personal reasons as well. Thy Enemy stared adversity in the eyes, and did not slow down, adding current vocalist Korey Brown and lead guitarist Jonathan Condon. Thy Enemy looks to redefine heavy metal, fusing thrash, hardcore, and deathcore influences.
Current Lineup:
Jordan Babcock - Vocals
Korey Brown - Vocals
Jonathan Condon - Lead
Bronson Bateman - Rhythm
Alan Tydlacka - Bass
Gary Porter - Drums