Pulverazor (USA) - "Swamp Demon Stomp" (Heavy Metal)


Pulverazor (USA) - "Swamp Demon Stomp" (Heavy Metal)

Release Date: February 26th, 2021

FFO: W.A.S.P., Agent Steel, Attacker

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Pulverazor - Swamp Demon Stomp

A cornucopia of metal styles; Pulverazor is heavy metal in suppository form. Any mortal attempt to evade its merciless clutches will be proven futile. Dark, menacing melodies infused with slaughtering riffs that are often balanced with heavenly, ethereal guitar solos. With a stand-alone debut single released on limited edition 7-inch vinyl and a recent music video titled "Satanic Servitude" from the full-length album (to be released later this year), Pulverazor are bringing you a celebration of violence and anthemic provocation, all wrapped tightly in a sweaty, studded leather package.
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