StormbounD - December (will be released on August 5, 2022)


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StormbounD Share Their Optimistic Love Song “Flying High” Off Upcoming “December”.
The full album “December” will be released on August 5, 2022.
Note that the band will be opening for Epica on June 7 in Tel Aviv.
Hailing from Israel, StormbounD are adding to the symphonic metal subgenre with their latest single “Flying High”. This is the third single off their upcoming record “December”, which is slated for summer release. The band coins the album as a “melodic prophecy of wrath” - a journey that will take the listener into new territory while staying firmly planted in symphonic roots. This new single is a love song, that almost didn’t make it onto the album as the band further explains:
“It's an optimistic love song, where the man is a protagonist that helps his loved one overcome her suffering caused by a mental illness. During the recording, we noticed that all the “Irish” elements made the original chorus we had for it sound a little depressing, so we wrote new lyrics and composed a new chorus. That instantly became a winner. We almost cut this song out of the album and now it's one of the leading singles.”
The main songwriter for StormbounD is vocalist/guitarist Ofer Friedman, but they say that it's really about working together as a team and that everything is collaborative. In terms of writing order, they continue to say that lyrics and musical composition go hand in hand, whichever is written first will lead the way.
The band got together in 2018, and after a couple of shuffles and instrument switches, they arrived at their current lineup - powerful frontwoman Yael Horwitz climbs octaves while vocalist/guitarist Ofer Friedman adds a layer of grit to complement her. Guitarist Shani Friedman fills in with harmonized riffs and the rhythm section of bassist Pavel Kleiman and drummer Yuval Partush get heart rates going and heads banging. Keyboardist Rotem Sadia injects orchestrations, strings, and melodies that push StormbounD into the sky.
The combination of soaring riffs, beautiful vocals, and heavy beats show that StormbounD is creative, yet accessible. They are recommended for fans of Evanescence, Epica, and Within Temptation.
Track Listing:​
1. Desert's Roar - 5:03
2. Altar of Innocence - 5:12
3. Sacred Lies - 4:41
4. Away from Here - 6:04
5. December - 10:30
6. Shadows - 4:21
7. Flying High - 4:55
8. Fragments - 6:24
9. Child's Play - 9:02
Album Length: 56:12
Album Recording Credits:​
All songs performed by: Stormbound
All songs written by: Stormbound, Benny Kliachko, Ian Post
Musical Production: Stormbound and Ian Post
Mix and Master: Alex Zvulun at A.G Studio.
Artwork: Gogo Melone ART
Album and Live Band Line Up:​
Yael Horwitz – Vocals
Ofer Friedman – Guitar & Vocals
Shani Friedman – Guitar
Rotem Sadia – Keyboard
Pavel Kleiman – Bass
Yuval Partush – Drums
Symphonic metal act StormbounD is an astonishing combination of well-crafted instrumentalism and the breath-taking vocals of lead singer Yael Horwitz. The band is the musical theater you must visit, which will carry you everywhere from the angelic to the diabolic, from joyous harmony to sheer loneliness, and from the beauty to the beast.
The band was formed in 2018 in Tel-Aviv, Israel by bassist Pavel Kleiman and guitarist and vocalist Ofer Friedman. Next to join were Ofer's wife Shani Friedman on guitar, Yuval Partush on drums, Rotem Sadia on the keyboard, and Yael Horwitz as lead singer. All members of the band are well-established professional musicians.
Shortly after its formation the group began writing and performing and made a unique mark in the local heavy music scene. During the last year, the band took part in all major metal events and festivals in Israel and its upcoming show will soon be sold out.
The band has released two singles /videos so far "Desert's Roar" and "Altar of Innocence".