Daidalos - Married to the Sea (From Album "The Expedition")


New Release:

German Symphonic Dark Metal band "DAIDALOS" just released their debut album "The Expedition" on July 29 via Extreme Metal Music.
The German one-man band was founded in 2020 by drummer/pianist Tobias Püschner (former drummer of technical thrash band Revolt).
The album was inspired after reading a book on Captain Sir John Franklin's Lost Expedition, a British voyage of Arctic exploration that departed with 129 men from England in 1845. Both ships, called Erebus & Terror, became icebound and after being trapped and suffering in eternal coldness for over a year, the remaining sailors decided to abandon their ships. Trying to survive, they set out for the Canadian mainland, but disappeared.
"The Expedition" is a musical journey through the Arctic Ice, on board with Sir John Franklin's crew. The different moods the sailors had to experience at that time probably went from heroic and enthusiastic to absolute hopelessness and daily mortal fear. I composed these atmospheres musically and told them as a concept album / musical story." says Püschner
"The Expedition" contains nine songs and has a total playtime of 47 minutes plus a bonus track.
Daidalos' concept can be described as a full orchestral and dark emotional cinematic journey combined with aggressive vocals and harsh guitars. Most of the songs recorded on the upcoming full-length contain clean choir vocals and fast-paced drumming along with each song being written exclusively on the piano first. The idea behind this way of songwriting is to first finish each track's own atmosphere with orchestral music and then use those emotions to create the harder parts.
For the recording of "The Expedition", Püschner recruited guest musicians and friends Martin Simon (Kambrium) (bass/backing vocals), Fabio Rossi (Tryglav) (lead guitar), Francesco Petrelli (guitar), Noga Rotem (choir vocals) who will also support Daidalos on live shows.
"The Expedition" is recommended for fans of Dimmu Borgir, Wintersun, and Fleshgod Apocalypse an available at the following links:
Track Listing:​
1. The Expedition - 7:09
2. Icewind - 5:09
3. Sail Into The Stars - 5:57
4. Stormwind - 5:32
5. Married to The Sea - 5:21
6. The Empress - 5:00
7. Poem in the Snow - 8:05
8. Northlight - 5:32
9. Bonus Track - My Melancholy - 5:34
​Album Credits:​
- All Songs & Orchestrations written & produced by Tobias Püschner
- Vocals, Piano & Drums recorded by Tobias Püschner @ Crooked Mountain Studio
- Lyrics written by Marie Erikson
- Song 7 lyrics based on the poem "Once by the Pacific" by Robert Frost
DAIDALOS was founded in 2020 as a one-man band by Tobias Püschner.
The band´s idea is to combine a classical orchestra with fast and aggressive elements, to create atmospheric breakdowns of different mental states.
This happens along epic historic events and stories, to develop a heroic and often hopeless sad feeling.
After sending some demos of the debut album "The Expedition", Daidalos got directly signed by the label Rockshots / Extreme Metal Music in 2022.