Golgata - Ur eld och aska


New Release:

Golgata - Ur eld och aska

Label: Ketzer Records / Satanath records

Release Date: July 7th, 2022

Genre: Doom Black Metal

Country: Sweden


Golgata - Ur Eld Och Aska

From the dark woods of southern Sweden, Golgata rose from the ground in 2014 but the story goes deeper than that.
The duo wrote their first tunes of misery back in 1994. After 20 years these lost souls was gathered once again to become vessels for music that will become Golgata. The music is inspired by the history and nature that surrounded the part of Sweden where the duo originates. The music is raw and intense but at the same time melodic and atmospheric. The lyrics are darkly poetic and narrative. With music and lyrics combined Golgata explores the past to describe their view of the modern-day. 2014 the band recorded their first songs and self-released a couple of EPs. But it was 2019 Golgata's first album was released through Satanath record.
On the first full-length album “Skam” 2019 the band followed up their vision to create raw black metal with melodic elements. And with this album, Golgata was shown in the light for a bigger audience.
The second album “Tempel” 2020 was a big leap from the previous album. With this album, the band presented more varying materials with passages that could be described as dreamlike and atmospheric. But the aggression and the rawness were not compromised.
Now 2022 Golgata is back with their most elaborated album so far. The material varies between midtempo, gloomy, and sometimes doomlike passages followed by fast and devastating riffs. The songs are about life journeys, and mankind’s diversity seeking a better life. With their atmospheric soundscape, Golgata will hold you in a grim grip from the first song to the last. This album will take you through fire and ashes as the title in Swedish implies. “Ur eld och aska” is released through Ketzer records in collaboration with Satanath records.
S. - Songwriter & guitars
Niclas Ankarbranth Songwriter, vocals,lyrics, guitar, bass and drum recording
01. Ur Eld Och Aska
02. Undersåtar
03. Liv För En Gud
04. Vagabond
05. Återkomst
06. En Sista Synd Innan Fallet
07. Marvatten
08. Vagabond II