Insurrexión - Insurrexión


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Insurrexión - Insurrexión
Release Date: 04-05-2022
Format: Digital, CD, Cassette
Genre: Melodic death metal, melodic black metal, Chilean heavy metal, pagan blackened death metal
Country: Chile
Released on CASSETTE format by LAPIS LAZULI (Chile)
Released on CD/LP format by SINISTRARI RECORDS (USA)
Wholesale official distribution in Europe by W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS (GERMANY)
Wholesale official distribution in South America by ICARUS (ARGENTINA)
INSURREXIÓN - Insurrexión
1. La espada de la esencia
2. El eco de la voz
3. Funeral celeste
4. Silencio fúnebre
Hypnos Psicopompos: Guitars (lead)
A.A.A.: Bass, Vocals
R. Messner: Guitars (rhythm)
Chaotic Portal Plague: Drums
Full of anger, power, emotion, and contempt, this band gathers all the elements necessary for membership in the true underground.
Fascinating death metal with black metal hints and shrieking guitar leads, excruciating vocals, mighty drumming, and scornful lyrics.
Violent South American black death metal aggression.
For fans of Dissection, Rotting Christ, Demigod, Hypocrisy, Necrophobic, Arghoslent, Westwall, God Dethroned
Recorded between December 2019 & December 2020, under the leading recording of Jean Claude de Dompierre in Sala Anticristo, Santiago, and Dead Signal Studios in Caleu-Til Til.
Mixed by Insurrexión & Dead Signal Studios. Mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios in December 2020.
Illustrations: The Death is the arrow, The Insurrexión, The cycle, and The Battle, were done by Brahim Jadur, Melipilla RM