Pressure - In A Dark Heart We Trust


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Pressure - In A Dark Heart We Trust

Label: Xing Records

Release Date: 03-06-2022

Format: Digital, CD

Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Story Metal

Country: Sweden

For fans of Bon Jovi, Guns ´n Roses, Motley Crüe and Saxxon

The second Story Metal album "In A Dark Heart We Trust" from Pressure is about the ordinary relationships that we all have to live with, endure and cherish throughout all of our existence. Every relationship can be hard to handle but it also can be almost perfect happiness! With the energy of heavy music, we tell a dark story about many of the dangers and thrills of today's relations
1. Pressure
2. Is this who you are
3. Behind Closed Doors
4. Get a Real Job
5. Angel of Lightning
6. Hunter or Prey
7. Barb Wire Love
8. Just Undress
9. Madecine - One shot Of Love
10. Am I Too Old
11. Did you really know my name
12. No more Promises to break
13. Air of freedom
14. In A Dark Heart We Trust (The Story)
Simon Forsell – Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals and Drums.
Emil Salling – Guitars.
Olof Jönsson – Male Vocals.
Olli Violet – Female Vocals.
Ignacio Arrúa – Bass.

The album was recorded at the PressureDome studio in Stockholm.
Mixed, mastered and Produced by Izzy Ander