September Damage - Memories Don't Die (Taken from Album "Perception of Reality" released in March 2022)


What's New:

New video "Memories Don't Die" from the band September Damage was released today. This track is taken from the last album "Perception of Reality" released in March 2022.

“After the official video clip of “Tools or Victims ”, released at the same time as the launch of the EP, we have decided to give fans the official Lyric Video of the latest Perception of Reality song. “Memories Don't Die” is one of our most emblematic and characterizing pieces, and it blends together all our musical styles: from death metal to black atmospheres, old school solos and powerful drums. The text talks about the negative experiences that each of us has within us, and which often if not controlled can erode the human soul from inside, inexorably leading us to destruction... "