Ultimate Satan - Symphony Es Infernus


New Release:

Ultimate Satan - Symphony Es Infernus

Release Date: 26-07-2022

Format: Digital

Genre: Blackened Symphonic Death Metal

Country: Australia

Check out the first single "Symphony Es Infernus" from the Canberran Blackened Symphonic Death Metallers "Project Ultimate Satan"
Project: Ultimate Satan - Symphony Es Infernus (Official Lyric Video)
Death – Cal - Guitars
The Fool – Ash - Bass
The Hermit – JDK – Guitars and Backing Vocals
The Magician – Darryl – Keys and Orchestration
The Hanged Man – Luke - Drums
The Heirophant – Scott - Vocals
The High Priestess – Jem - Vocals

The 1st movement is the symphony of hell, it tells of the evocation of the great demon goddess Lilith Liftoach and her heathen hordes of war. The mother queen represents freedom and femininity in all its forms, but to what end?
The movement Symphony Es Infernus, and all those that will follow in Project: Ultimate Satan's debut opus was written during the darkest days of the Australian black summer fires.
Let the inferno that rages inside you out, and vanquish all those that would oppress you.
Recorded at Studio Decay by JJ Lodding
Mixed and Mastered at Gibbenez Music by Gibb Tartaris
Artwork by Third Eye Visuals
Logo by Wappenschmied