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Valyear - Revolution Fear


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Valyear - Revolution Fear

Album released on July 19, 2021 via Wormholedeath
01. Beneath The Machine
02. Feed My Pain
03. Dirty
04. Like a Zombie
05. Hit The Ground
06. Fall Too Far
07. I Hate Your Face
08. Rise My Enemy
09. Screams (Live at The Atria)
VALYEAR Line-up:
Chad Valyer - Vocals
Geoff Wilson - Guitars
Joe Petralia - Bass
Nick Mavroukas - Drums
VALYEAR is a four piece hard, alternative/metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Started in 2014 by Vocalist CHAD VALYER and rounded out by GEOFF WILSON - GUITARS, JOE PETRALIA - BASS and NICK MAVROUKAS on DRUMS, VALYEAR vow to have their music reach as many people as possible with their moody, energetic, live show, tightness and a camaraderie that is very evident on stage. They also bring back a style and swagger they feel has been missing in music for quite some time.
VALYEAR are not afraid to pull from their influences which range from Hank Williams to Meshugga and everything in between while promising not to leave any genre untouched or unexplored.
Stay Rock... ROCK IS NOT DEAD!