DiGregorio - House of Gregory, Chapter 1


To Discovered: Released 2020

DiGregorio - House of Gregory, Chapter 1
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: Oct 30, 2020
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Country: United States

DiGregorio - Dust in the Attic

You Know Me
Mystery and Mayhem
Not Myself
Dark as Night
Dust in the Attic
Writing on the Wall
Something Behind Me
Vice and Valor
We Search
Suzanne DeCree - Guitars, Bass on 2, 3, 4
Jeremy Papay - Drums and Percussion
Bob Horwatt - Keyboards
Nico Ricci - Bass on 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Melisa Jimenez - Vocals
Have you ever been somewhere and felt like you were being watched? Or maybe something happened that you couldn't explain? What did you do? Probably just ignore it and tell yourself it was just a coincidence, right?
When it happened to DiGregorio guitarist and principal songwriter Suzanne DeCree, she decided to write it down and tell the world about her experiences through song. House of Gregory Chapter One is the first installment of a 19-song opus. Journey with the band as they twist and turn through tales of otherworldly contact. These songs are also accompanied by the full story (Available here: https://digregoriomusic.com/chapter-1-the-story/) on the band's website.
And If you are thinking "Wow, this all sounds dark and spooky,” wait until you hear the album! DiGregorio takes you on a paranormal journey by weaving complex and layered parts with eerie sounds and devastatingly heavy guitars.
Put on the album, close your eyes and let your imagination create images to the aural horror movie.
DiGregorio was born in 2015 when guitarist and songwriter, Suzanne DeCree, decided she was done holding back on her music. For the next year, she focused on writing a song a week and by 2016, she had over 60 songs to choose from. Crafting a storyline befitting the dense, melodramatic and atmospheric music she wrote led to the House of Gregory - a 19-song debut album. Culling some of the best session players from Pittsburgh, she worked continually for the next 7 years to bring this haunted house to life.
Recorded and Mastered by Matt FIreK at Fire K Studios, Baldwin PA
Mixed by Andrew Wilds at FIre K Studios, Baldwin PA