Selfgod - Born of Death


To Discovered: Selfgod - Born of Death

Release Date: 24-02-2022
Format: Digital, CD, Cassette, LP
Genre: Death Metal
Country: United States
For fans of Behemoth, Belphegor, Hate and Decapitated
The album is a sonic blackened death assault. Lyrically themed about reincarnation in Slavic pagan traditions and specific deities that have to do with death and rebirth. Most of the material was originally written for previous bands (Necrophagia, Automb). The album features Scott Fuller of Morbid Angel on session drums.
Guitars, Vocals, Bass and Keys recorded at Semargl studios during June-July 2021. Engineering by Serge Streltsov. Drums recorded at Scott Fuller Sound August 2021. Engineered by Scott Fuller. Mixed and mastered by Scott Elliot of Chernobyl studios September 2021.
1. Fire Tsar
2. Svarogs Steel
3. God Of Self
4. Morena
5. Cosmic Axis
6. Weaver Of Time
7. Veles
8. Sacrifice Them
9. Born Of Death
Serge Streltsov - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys
Scott Fuller - Drums