"Children Of The Void - NOR" - Garden of Bones


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"Children Of The Void - NOR" - Garden of Bones

Release date: April 15th, 2022

1. A Mirrored Dimension
2. We Light The Way
3. Dreamcrusher
4. Garden of Bones
5. Scream
6. The Next Chapter
Children Of The Void - NOR consists of 4 members +2 session guitarists, all from the metal scene of Bergen Norway. With inspirations from melodeath, thrash and black metal the guitars both swing and crush with their melodies and rhythms on a rock-solid foundation of bass and drums while the vocals shred and tears telling of a dystopic universe a mirror to our own.
Producer: Hans Petter Solen (Once Awake)
Featuring Artists:
Hans Petter Solen (Guitar) & Frode Hennoe (vocals) (Once Awake)
Vocals, backup vocals & Rhythm Guitar: Runar Steen Hansen
Drums & Percussion: Eivind Sørhus
Lead guitars: Even Senneset
Bass: Jørgen Beijer Johnsen

Former Member:
Guitar and backup vocals: Robin Jarl Tøkje
Lyrics and composing: Runar Steen Hansen
Lyrics and composing: Eivind Sørhus
Cover-art on Garden of Bones EP: Nick Morte
About the cover art: The cover art is signifying the death and despair building and brewing in the universe, either in the short term or long term everything will die and such is the view of mortality. In the art, you can also find 13 bone fragments surrounding the skull referring to the sacrifice of the 13, which are mentioned in the title song and will be built upon in later lyrics in other songs.
The cover art for the ep itself was painted by the skilled artist Nick Morte. The painting was commissioned before studio recording had begun.
Cover-art on the singles: Kim Diaz Holm “Den Unge Herr Holm”
Bandphotos: Jarle Hovda Moe