Criminal Madhouse Conspiracy - Trashed


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Criminal Madhouse Conspiracy - Criminal Madhouse Conspiracy

RELASE DATE: 09/27/2022
GENRE: Thrash Metal
ORIGIN: Rome, Italy
FORMATS: CD Jewel Case


Criminal Madhouse Conspiracy - Trashed

Criminal Madhouse Conspiracy are:
Ferdinando "Lord Nanduk" Barone - Vocals
Stefano "Crossviolator" Croce - Guitar
Fabio "Tremor" Ciccone - Guitar
Marco "Nacho" Mercuri - Bass
Francesco "Krundaal" Romano - Drums
Criminal Madhouse Conspiracy is a Thrash Metal band from Rome, with some hints of classic heavy metal and extreme metal. In 2020 we recorded some tracks at Side Studio in Rome for promotional purposes and presented them in rough version to different labels for consideration. The response was positive: Time To Kill Records offered us a deal for our first record. Due to the Covid pandemic,recording sessions have been put on hold until February 2022, when we refined vocals and few technical details. Our album is scheduled to be released in September. The sound of our self-titled 8-tracks record is a mix between Dark Angel, Heathen and Annihilator, with recurring riffs from old school metal (NWOBHM), growling vocals and much more

Criminal Madhouse Conspiracy’s self-titled debut album is a collection of moods within a common denominator of sounds including every possible variant of extreme metal. Straight and immediate in songs like “Animal”, but also aggressive in “The Cage” and obsessive but balanced in the narrative of the deeds of Captain Achab in “The Man”. “Bones Behind” is, finally, a crossover between ultra slowed down passages and unexpected crazy accelerations.
1 Trashed
2 Animal
3 Spiritual Death
4 The Cage
5 Desert Storm
6 The Man Whose Name Was Written On Water
7 Fat Vertical Lips
8 Bones Behind