Deadly Vipers - Last Rise


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Band: Deadly Vipers
Album: Low City Drone
Country: France
Genre: Stoner Rock
Release: September 30, 2022
New Single "Last Rise", check it out here:
Real debauchery of decibels!
Deadly Vipers distills an effective fuzzy rock, without frills, thanks to the richness of the compositions, all made possible by grooves as catchy as they are devastating.
The band offer a personal vision of the genre, where the riff is the fuel that powers interstellar engines, actors of a journey from the desert expanses to the ends of the universe.
New album 'Low City Drone' is their own vision of the future/past, a dystopian tale about the humanity last breath and an utopian hope about the reconstruction after the end. Watch out for drones coming from above, they are listening to what is being said below...