Drabik - Black Hole


Upcoming Release:

After two singles and some other cool anticipations from the new album to be released on September 23rd, Italian metal explorers DRABIK make public today the video of "Black Hole", a new powerful and strong tune that anticipates the full length.
Black Hole is part of the album Mannequin awaited for the late September through Volcano Records & Promotion.
The band produced by Maki (Lacuna Coil’s bass player), continues his travel in the obscurity of mind and soul, putting together a piece of music between modern metal moods and hitting hard melodies able to convince both the most radical metal-heads and the younger generation of horns-up lover.
Drabik described Black Hole as “the search for personal individuality in a context of social homologation. The awareness of never having truly lived. We are falling into a black hole that makes us all equal, and the more we become the same, the more we become alone”.
1. Black Hole
2. Chain Of Sorrow
3. Mannequin
4. Lead You On
5. Lap Of God
6. Floating
7. Pray
8. Parasite
9. Rough Hands
10. Sinner's Pledge