Even Flow - Revelation Day


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From the Italian island of Sardinia, proggers EVEN FLOW are unveiling their next single "Revelation Day" with a new lyric video. The track is off their forthcoming EP "Mediterraneo" due out on October 3rd, 2022. The track has a Catholic inspiration and is a song to be discovered musically in its entirety. Listen as the melodic parts are intertwined with their more progressive songwriting.

Even Flow - Revelation Day (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

EVEN FLOW's new recording "Mediterraneo" follows their three EPs "Dream Weaver" (2008), "Mother" (2019), and "Flower Paths" (2013), and two albums "Life Has Just Begun" (2017) and "Ancient Memories (2011).
"Mediterreano" sees the band approaching the record with progressive metal in the rhythm with vocal lines oriented towards power metal with AOR eighties influences. Lyrically, the EP speaks of love, hope, sadness, and joy for the future. Guitarist Pietro Paolo Lunesu explains the record in further detail:
"The five songs that make up Mediterraneo are gloriously uplifting anthems that draw you from your world of cares and worries into an exhilarating musical realm of dreams. The songs are concise and finely honed, yet seem to contain an ever-expanding universe to explore within their duration. For example, the title track, ‘Mediterraneo’, is perhaps the EPs crowning glory, building through multiple layers, each more captivating than the last, but in truth every note from the first bombastic chords that usher in opener ‘Ocean Lies’ to the final spiraling guitar solo of ‘Mediterraneo’ is sheer melodic, progressive metal perfection."
The EP was immaculately mixed and mastered by Michele Guaitoli (Visions Of Atlantis, Temperance) with spectacular artwork by Mickael Briot of Mythrid Art (Nightmare).

"Mediterraneo" also features Even Flow's new lineup with vocalist Marco Pastorino (Fallen Sanctuary, Temperance) and bassist Luca Negro (Temperance) joining the Lunesu brothers Pietro Paolo (guitar) and Giorgio (drums).
Over the years, since making their debut in 2008 with their EP "Dream Weaver", Even Flow has done multiple tours across Europe and has supported bands such as Serious Black, Firewind, Eluveitie, Iron Savior, Katatonia, Orphaned Land, Katatonia, Pain Of Salvation among many more.
"Mediterraneo" is the next majestic level of achievement for Even Flow and is recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Stratovarius, Angra, and Queensryche.
EP pre-order is available at https://linktr.ee/bandevenflow​
Other Videos:
Music Video - Ocean Lies - https://youtu.be/CL7p2lvkM58​
Lyric Video - Ray of Light - https://youtu.be/srBJPVOW-uo​
Track Listing:​
1. Ocean Lies (5:12)
2. Ray of Light (4:50)
3. Leaves (2:54)
4. Revelation Day (3:00)
5. Mediterraneo (7:32)
EP Length: 23:30
Even Flow is:
Marco Pastorino: Vocals and Choirs
Pietro Paolo Lunesu: All Electric and Acoustic guitars
Giorgio Lunesu: Drums and Percussion
Luca Negro: Bass