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Mineral Reflectance - Obsidian (Feat. Arno Strobl)


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A few months ago, I presented you the Mineral Reflectance album - "Des chemins de vie"
A very original album, since the 7 tracks of the album are carried by 7 different singers.
The 7 singers are:
Obsidian : Arno Strobl (Carnival in Coal, 6:33, etc.)
Quartz : JR (Nesseria)
Chrysocolla : Hakata Ooh (Akphaezya)
Septaria : Déhà (Déhà)
Black tourmaline : Steph Béguier (Akphaezya, Those Bloody Arms, etc.)
Spectrolite : Ben (Nesseria, etc.)
Spinel Black : ZagZero (Akphaezya, Those bloody arms, etc.)
Today, I propose you to discover a new video from this album.

Mineral Reflectance - Obsidian (Feat. Arno Strobl)