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Upcoming Re-Release:

The band Prey For Nothing will be back on September 9th 2022, with their album "Kivshan", which will be distributed via the label Wormholedeath worldwide.

PREY FOR NOTHING - The Sword Devours

The band formed in 2006 and released its debut album, “Violence Divine”, in 2008 through Rusty Cage Records. The album was very well received and set the band on course for the following years. By now, "Violence Divine" is almost unanimously hailed as a masterpiece. After its debut album, the band released 2 EPs and 2 more full-length studio albums, their fourth studio album, entitled “Kivshan” will be re-released on September 9th, 2022.
"Kivshan" represents a new, more progressed sound that is the immediate result of a band aiming for and reaching new creative heights while staying true to the band's signature sound.
Line up:
Yotam Defiler Avni - Vocals
Dima Kogan - Guitars
Iftah Levy - Drums, Bass, backing Vocals
Michiel Rutten - Guitars
Anatoli Kashenka - Bass