Rosa Nocturna - Lightbringer


New Release:

Today, September 1, Rosa Nocturna releases their album "ANGELS AND BEASTS" (Andělé a bestie) all in English.
Release title: Angels and beasts
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 01-09-2022
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Symphonic folk metal
Country: Czech Republic
For fans of Avantasia, Eluveitie, Epica

Rosa Nocturna - Lightbringer

The fourth album Angels and Beasts is again in the spirit of symphonic folk metal. It preserves melodic richness and instrumental diversity. Newly, it brings more straightforward power metal elements. Besides the band members, the album was recorded by 13 guest musicians and singers. Despite all this, the album retains its compactness, the songs flow in a carefully prepared sequence and unfold tense stories.
As the name suggests, the main theme of the album is the age-old struggle between good and evil.
The album Angels and beasts was released in 2020 in the Czech language. In 2022 it was released in English. The Czech version includes also two English songs. The English version includes only English songs but as a bonus song, it contains an older song Of love, of war, of blood.
Desires in mist
Letters to the front
Of love, of war, of blood
Aneta Zatočilová - vocals
Viktorie Surmová - vocals
Tonda Buček - guitar, programming
Petr Vosynek - guitar, growl
David Koudela - bass
Dan Havránek - drums

Main Guest Singers:
René "Perry" David (Flowerwhile)
Shirley Tracanna (Wishmasters)
Lenka "Ereis" Šíková (Ertha)
Rosa Nocturna is a symphonic folk metal band from Brno, Czech Republic. Rosa Nocturna emphasizes interesting vocals, rich symphonic orchestrations, and strong guitar riffs in their songs. Lyrics tell captivating stories, romantic ballads, or mythical epics. They try to convey a positive vibe and invite listeners to contemplate.
The band was founded in 2007. Since then, Rosa Nocturna released 4 studio albums, 4 singles, several music videos, and participated in an international compilation CD Spectrum. Since 2016 the band started to work on a professional level and promote themselves more seriously.
The band performed at many Czech venues with many bands such as Surma, Welicoruss, Eagleheart, Alia tempora, and much more.
In addition to band members for live performances, the band cooperates with many guests on Rosa Nocturna's albums. The band is not limited by any boundaries, styles, or rules and literally unleashes a colorful musical theatre.
A significant deed of the band is a historical-romantic video called Of love, of war, of blood featuring Heri Joensen (frontman of Týr) as one of the main characters.
Since 2017 all the artworks for albums are done in the famous Finnish graphic studio Darkgrove.
In November 2020 Rosa Nocturna released the fourth Czech album called Andělé a bestie.